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Student Best Paper Award

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The IWSHM organizing committee is pleased to invite students to submit abstracts for IWSHM 2021 Student Best Paper Award Competition.

I. Eligibility
Students at the undergraduate and graduate level at the time of submission are eligible to compete. - Students must be the first author on the papers and must present their work at the workshop to complete.

II. Nomination criteria
All the student authors are considered candidates for this award. Originality and technical excellence are the two main criteria for selection.

III. Award Committee
The Award Committee is formed by the chairman of the award committee. They may propose among the articles from the sessions of their specialty, one or two papers which may be candidates for the Award, justifying their proposal.

IV. Selection procedure
Students must submit an abstract on the May 1st, 2021 deadline. If their abstract is accepted, then the full-length paper must be submitted on September 15th, 2021. Papers will then be evaluated by a committee of experts from academia, industry, and the research community. The evaluation criteria are provided in detail below to help guide students in their manuscripts and presentations. Good luck! Written manuscript A. Numerical score: Value = 75 % of evaluation Maximum numerical score shall be 100. Each criterion shall have a maximum numerical score of 10. Evaluation criteria and weighting of each criterion are

  1. Personal Contribution, Weight = 2.0
  2. Originality, Weight = 2.5
  3. Technical Content and Quality, Weight = 2.5
  4. Relevance of Contribution, Weight = 1.5
  5. Organization and Clarity, Weight = 1.5 B. Written comments: Value = 25 % of evaluation

V. Award presentation
During the Workshop, a plaque accompanied by a check will be presented by the Chairman of the Award Committee. The Chairman of the Award Committee and the Chairman of the Workshop are in charge of organizing the Award presentation ceremony.

Chairman of the Award Committee:
Prof. Jerome Lynch
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

List of past recipients

2017: Homin Song, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2019: Manuel A. Vega, University of California San Diego